Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer Chic – its all about the sleek…

As those summer evenings start to dwindle its time to think about casting aside the boho waves for something more sophisticated.
As seen at Prada and Holly Fulton for Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014 there’s a resurgent twist on the classic 80’s wet look with smooth sleek lines that accentuate sharp cuts – you can achieve this look using a wet gel product such as Sebastian Gel Forte (don’t go overboard!), finished with Alterna Kendi Oil to keep the inevitable stray flyaways at bay but this look is not for the faint hearted..only the fashion brave.
The beachy boho festival hair is now taking a back seat and rightly so. As Autumn approaches its time to treat your hair with a little more respect with some intensive conditioning to restore the hair from its battering under the glare of the sun and the curling wand. Keep things poker straight with for a stylish alternative using a smoothing balm such as Neal&Wolf Silk followed by SP Luxe Oil to finish the look as seen at Versace and Dior this season..
And for those who crave a more cosmopolitan look why not try a super elegant Pony as styled by Wella at the DKNY AW 2014 Show. Think ‘refined up-do’ rather than ‘Essex facelift’ by pulling the (pre-straightened ***always use Heat Protection we love Sebastian Trilliant :D *** ) hair back firmly rather than tightly keeping the base of the Pony tail just below the crown of the head using Alterna Luminous Shine Balm to smooth the hair down from root to tip to keep it glossy and just a subtle hint of Sebastian Zero Gravity to keep those flyways in place and the pony super straight.
So don’t be afraid to go super sleek this Autumn Winter – lets keep things sophisticated and chic for 2014!
Any hair advice needed? Check out our regular Hair Surgery Blog for hints and tips!
The Vinery xx

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hair Surgery! Ask us a question!

This week's Hair Surgery blog is about colour.

We have a great question from Olivia who is concerned about her hair taking on a yellowy tinge after she has had it 'bleached'.

Q: Hey, Every time I get my hair bleached its great for about a week but then it starts going really yellowy and looks awful! What can I do?

A: Hi there Olivia, thanks for getting in touch. My name is Ben, Stylist at The Vinery and I will be answering your query today.

It is possible that the Stylist is not lifting your natural colour light enough for the toner that has been chosen. The other possibility is that your hair is porous and the toner isn't holding well. Intensive Conditioning Treatments such as Sebastian Penetraitt or Sebastian Hydre used regularly (weekly) on your hair as part of your cleansing routine will help to restore your hair's condition which will help the toner to last longer but it is important to understand that toners do fade with time. I would recommend using a silver shampoo and/or conditioner (with a violet base) once the toner has faded to counteract any yellow tones to tide you over until your next Colour appointment.

Hope this helps! 

Ben x 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hair Surgery! Ask us a question!

This is our first Q & A “Hair Surgery” blog where people can ask our Creative Designer Gavin Blagbrough for advice on their hair emergencies!

Our first question for the Hair Surgery is from Daisy who is struggling with frizz control 😖
Hi there, I am having so many problems with styling my hair due to the humidity during the summer, its really frizzy………help!
Hi Daisy, first of all you need to prep your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, either a moisture-based product such as the SP Luxe Oil Keratin Protect Shampoo for thicker unruly hair or a shine-based one for finer such as Sebastian Trilliant Shampoo. Then use smoothing or straightening balm on towel dried hair through the lengths and ends, you can also apply an oil product during this process, I prefer to use SP Luxe Oil (as it combines Jojoba, Argan and Almond oil to reconstruct the hair fibre) then blow-dry your hair on a medium heat and speed, drying the hair down the hair shaft, smoothing and flattening the cuticle ideally using a heat retaining large round brush or large paddle brush – going over any troublesome areas with a straightening iron such as the Cloud9 Touch whilst slowly/gently curving the ends. Finish by gently blasting the hair with a cool drier and then finish with a light spritz of hairspray such as Reshaper Sebastian and a final brush through to release the hair’s natural movement.
Gavin x

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