Friday, 25 April 2014

The Importance of Colour Patch Testing

Here at The Vinery Hair Salon we are vigilant about patch testing clients before they undergo any kind of colour procedure. Our policy is to test new clients to the salon regardless of whether they have had colour elsewhere before and also to re-test existing clients if they have not visited the salon for several months in between colour appointments.
It is rare for allergic reactions to occur with hair colour however, just like many products that are used frequently including food, makeup and lotions, materials etc. or simply down to a change in health, reactions can develop over time.
We are sometimes asked why this is necessary by our clientele but as well as having their best interests at heart we also need to ensure that, as a responsible Salon, we stick to the recommended industry guidelines.
We require patch tests to be done at least 24-48 hours before the colour appointment and we also patch test for Eyebrow/Lash Tint as well as for HD Brows. This may seem over-cautious to some however the following story should help to reinforce why we put so much importance on patch testing!
We bumped into a friend recently who told us a horrifying tale. Several years ago she had visited a local salon for a colour appointment and had not been allergy (patch) tested first. Following the colour application she suffered what can only be described as a horrific reaction. Charlotte has kindly given us permission to share her story and also the pictures that reiterate just how shocking and violent these reactions can be.


You can read about Charlotte's experience in full via the following link:

We now stock Wella Innosense at The Vinery and this fantastic colour product has a reduced risk of allergen due to the ME+ molecule that has been in development for over 20 years -  if you would like to try Innosense as an option then please do ask about it when booking your appointment on 01484 536899. (An additional supplement of £5 is surchargable for Wella Innosense and Illumina)
So the moral of the tale is…Always have a patch test first!

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