Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Modelling for Sebastian!

I was really excited this week when Lisa asked me to model for her Education Day at the Wella Studios in Manchester. The day before the event she pre-prepped my hair in salon using the new Cellophane Range - half Clear & half Cinnamon Red which was mixed to enhance my natural auburn colour, which I was pleased about as I didn't want to change the colour too much.

When we arrived at the Wella Studio's, Lisa sprayed my hair with Sebastian Volupt Spray to dampen it down and then blow-dried the product into my hair which gave the hair 'grip'. Lisa put my hair up into a style from the new Sebastian Counter Balance Collection in front of the group and then Richard (Windle, Sebastian Head of Education) did a talk on the new Cellophane range whilst Lisa prepped my hair for the next demonstration. Lisa then performed another demonstration in front of the group and then I had to stand up whilst she talked through what she had done. I then sat back down whilst she did a new style using the tongs.

I was nervous and excited all day but it was a great experience. I learnt a lot even though I was modelling as I got to learn about different 'put-up' techniques and also about the new Cellophane range as we use these in salon all the time.

In the afternoon I volunteered to model for someone else so I had another cellophane put on my hair - the Cinnamon Red and Cranberry Red, and I then modelled another 'hair-up' for the MOB Team group session. I liked that I had another colour on my hair more excited as i was hoping it would be more vibrant and bright - and it was!

I enjoyed listening to the opinions of the group on the demonstrations that everyone did and hearing about how they actually did the hair-up's. Its really interesting for me as an Assistant learning the different types of processes that take place to create a look. I was able to watch the colours and see how they turned out, there was some really interesting ones and also different kinds of put ups and styles. I loved observing the colour process too as I have only just started doing colour training myself in the salon so I picked up plenty of useful tips!

I really enjoyed my day modelling at the Sebastian Studios in Manchester and would definitely do it again.

Love Hayley x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I’m heading to Clothes Show Live 2013

Hi I’m Rachel, resident Beauty Therapist at The Vinery and I can barely contain my excitement after finding out that I will be working backstage at Clothes Show Live 2013 in Birmingham this weekend!
I applied to work with the Make-Up Team at Clothes Show Live after hearing that they were looking for talented Make-Up Artists to work behind the scenes. I sent off some examples of my work from my portfolio and was over the moon when I received an email this week confirming that I had been selected..

(Some examples of the portfolio work I submitted..working alongside Senior Stylist Gemma Noon for the TrendVision competition).

I will be working backstage with the models and hopefully some celebs too so watch this space!
Rachel x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jonathan's Blog........

This week I headed to the Wella Studios in Manchester for day two of the Sebastian MOB Programme and got loads of inspiration to come back to the salon with.

We were a group of 6-7 people, each with our own model. We had a full morning of training on the latest Sebastian Cellophane products and then a professional 'put-up' demonstration from Sebastian Educator (and Vinery Senior Stylist!) Lisa Bates.

In the afternoon we prepped our models for colour, using the new cellophane range. I used a combination of Vanilla & Honeycomb on the bottom with Ice Blonde on the Veil to give gloss and shine. We then got the opportunity to play about, putting the hair up with some expert assistance from Richard Windle who is the Sebastian Head of Education.

I basically crimped all the hair, leaving a straight veil on the top, then backcombed it all and styled it into the shape that I wanted, leaving a sleek straight veil which sat on top. I used a variety of Sebastian products to achieve this look including Zero Gravity Hairspray, Texture Maker and the amazing Liquid Gloss.

It was a fantastic day, helping each other out and learning with each other - we presented our models at the end of the session, talking through our process and we all pitched in with questions, technique-sharing and advice which was very productive. I also got some really good feedback on the look that I had created. It was also great having such a unique opportunity to tap knowledge from Richard and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Of course, a day training in Manchester wouldn't be complete without a few cheeky drinks afterwards..Roll on Day 3! to be continued......

Love Jonathan....Vinery Stylist x

Cloud 9 Touch Hits the Salon with a Swing!

This week The Vinery saw a new styling tool hitting the shelves..the Cloud 9 Touch, so obviously I wanted to have a play!

I collared one of my colleagues, Charlie, who has particularly thick and naturally wavy hair and asked her to model for me whilst I tried out the new C9 Touch Straighteners.

First of all I prepped her hair by using Sebastian Hydre Shampoo & Conditioner to add moisture to her naturally dry locks and then sprayed the hair down with Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion before blasting out excess water with the hairdryer.

I did a smooth blow-dry and then got to grips with the Cloud 9 Touch, which has two heat settings of 165 and 195 - I set the Touch to 195 degrees with a simple double-click and was really pleased with the results...and I think Charlie was pretty impressed too!

Cheers, Matt x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Latest LookBook Photoshoot...

This week we set up our latest LookBook photo-shoot for the Autumn Winter Collection and it went amazingly well!

The Vinery Creative Team launched the LookBook on our website ( last year and we try to schedule our photo-shoots on a semi-regular basis to showcase some of the work that we have been inspired to do.

This month's brief was Modern 80s Twist..looking at the fashion and flair for big textured hair and statement make-up but with a contemporary edge.

Charlie Whale, The Vinery Senior Stylist, sourced four models for the shoot and created very different looks for each.

There were three female models: Maddie, Laura, Irena and one male model - our very own Mathew.
Maddie's hair was crimped and pulled into a side 'up-do' - reflecting the 80's ponytail look that was so popular with the younger generation. Laura's hair was curled, crimped and twisted to create a variety of textures which was reminiscent of Madonna in her early career. Irena's hair was big, bouncy and vibrant, taking inspiration from pop singers such as Sinitta and Whitney Houston who rocked the huge hair look!

Little Buddha Bar in Huddersfield kindly allowed The Vinery to shoot there this week - taking full advantage of the glamorous decor and the iconic padded Karaoke Booth, complete with dancing pole!

Charlie Whale (middle) doing a last minute hair check before the shoot! 

Rachel Brooker, The Vinery Beauty Therapist provided her make-up skills and created some truly unique looks on the models, highlighting their best features whilst maintaining the 80's inspired theme running through the entire shoot.

Photographer Ruth Ellen Brown expertly directed our models in front of the camera and we cannot wait to see the finished results. Make sure you keep an eye on our website for the latest Look Book to appear!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Salon International 2013 - Sebastian Cult Team Update

I took to the stage with my colleagues on the Sebastian Professional Cult Team at Salon International 2013 in London this Autumn and it was truly exciting.

I was one of three Cult Team members working on the Fellowship Stage presenting three looks from the New Counter Balance Collection.

With the Cult Team - I am on the far left!
The New Counter Balance Collection is about the clashing of textures - and about defining those clashes with a unique balance.

Myself, Lee Brown and Elenora Dean each had a model that we pre-prepped backstage before showcasing in front of the audience. The entire collection was broadcast first before the models were completed live on stage.

The look that I created was called Top Gloss, taking inspiration from the clashing of textures, specifically shine, shape, polish and structure - therefore culminating in a strong visual silhouette that fulfilled the brief given.

My Look - Top Gloss
The show also involved a Q & A as we worked and as part of the show we also debuted two new Sebastian products: Texture Maker and Shine Shaker which were used in all three looks.

The new products were used in the entire New Counter Balance Collection as they helped to create and enhance the looks.

From my perspective, being an Educator for Sebastian it was a great opportunity for me to learn about not only the new collection but also about these fantastic products, which I have been able to feed back to my colleagues at The Vinery - so we really are at the cutting edge of the Industry!

In fact, Sebastian Shine Shaker has proved to be so popular in the first couple of weeks in-salon that it sold out almost immediately!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The perils of over-processing - the celebrity way!

This Winter it would seem that all of Hollywood have headed for the chop and crop...with Hunger Games beauty Jennifer Lawrence leading the pack with a super stylish and low maintenance crop - far removed from the long tresses that she has sported since coming to our attention a couple of years ago. With a sweeping side fringe this cut frames her face, enhancing her delicate features.

Another Jennifer has taken the plunge this week with Friends star Jen Aniston lopping off her length to reveal a jaw length dishevelled bob, perfect for the working woman on the go..

And what do both Jen's have in common apart from the same first name?? A hair disaster! Even celebrities fall victim to hair catastrophes despite being tended to by some of the most expensive and exclusive salons in the Hollywood Hills!

Both women claim to have gone for the chop because their hair was suffering from over-processing, highlighting (ahem) how important it is to ensure that you use the correct products to protect your hair.

It is vital in-salon to assess client hair prior to undertaking a colour procedure - to check its strength, the colour history of the client and also any lifestyle or health changes that may have recently taken place which can affect the condition of the hair. Its also salon policy to now carry out a patch test at least 24 hours prior to any new colour appointment to avoid any nasty allergic reactions to colour products used.

Wella are constantly developing their colour products to ensure that they deposit colour effectively whilst maintaining the condition of the hair and we find that Wella Sebastian Cellophanes ( a true semi-permanent) provide superb coverage whilst maintaining hair health..

As a Stylist it is vitally important to recommend to clients the correct products for use outside the salon environment in order to keep their hair in tip top condition between visits. We always recommend a Heat Protection Spray and a suitable combination Shampoo & Conditioner (including at-home Treatments for colour clients) for them to use at home to maintain their style, condition and hair health.

With the onset of Winter, Central Heating, Air Conditioning and inclement weather conditions, protecting hair becomes more important than ever. Remember, your hair is constantly on show so invest to impress - its the wisest thing to do!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Natural Hair Week - Natural Hair Roadshow 2013

The Vinery Hair Salon have hit Leeds and London for the Natural Hair Roadshow in aid of raising the profile of Natural Hair Week this year.

The Natural Hair Roadshow took place in 6 cities in 6 days and drew audiences of up to 150 per roadshow showing how progressive and interested people are becoming in the Natural Hair movement.

Salon Owner Gavin Blagbrough gave a series of demonstrations about celebrating natural afro hair in all its glory,  without the need for relaxers, wigs, weaves or extensions. Gavin delved into the realms of natural afro hair, discussing the reasons behind why clients shy away from keeping their hair natural and the negative influences from celebrities who seem to promote extensions as a way of hiding their natural hair. He also explored the fact that the media culture project images of celebrities sporting relaxers and weaves which can have an adverse impact on self-esteem and on the ability a person may feel they have about looking after their own hair whilst retaining a sense of style.

Gavin explained that there are other options and that the natural way can be the best way of achieving a unique and workable look!

The Roadshow also gave clients the chance to ask questions and get some advice about how to look after their natural afro curls and maintain a great style without sacrificing their roots.

See what Gavin had to say to the crowds on the video below!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Make A Difference Day Fundraising Success!

The Vinery Hair Salon jumped at the chance to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice Make A Difference Day with a 24-hour Blowdry-A-Thon this year!

Staff members took it in turns to work 'shifts' for Blowdry-a-Thon clients who booked in for a complimentary blowdry in exchange for a donation to local Huddersfield-based charity Kirkwood Hospice. 

Luxury Hair Brand Neal & Wolf supplied a full range of products for the event and each client left with product freebies as a small thank you for their support. The Blowdry-A-Thon took place from 9am on Thursday 31st October through until 9am on the following Friday morning.

Salon Owner Gavin stayed throughout the night alongside colleagues Jodie Brierley (Creative Designer) and Angie Grant (Senior Stylist) who were on hand to help with the midnight rush. There was plenty of strong coffee on hand and a couple of cheeky glasses of Prosecco certainly went down well with the later clientele who sacrificed their beds for a blowdry!

A very tired Gavin finally hung up his hairdryer at 9am on Friday morning, with the salon having raised over £450! 

Kirkwood Hospice is a local charity that provides support and respite for people facing life-threatening illnesses and their families. 

They launched Make A Difference Day this year in conjunction with Pulse WY Radio to raise much needed funds in order to continue the vital care they provide for patients and their families who use the services at Kirkwood Hospice.

For further details about Kirkwood Hospice please visit their website at:

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