Thursday, 31 October 2013

Retro Hair Competition!

This week Neal & Wolf launched a Retro Hair Competition and I decided to enter following several in-salon 'Hair Up' training sessions!

I love the vintage 40's and 50's pin up style and I found the ideal model in my friend Hayley who kindly volunteered to have her hair pinned for my competition entry.

Using Neal & Wolf Elevate I primed the hair, blow-dried with a large round bristle brush to create volume at the roots and then used the Cloud9 'O' to give the hair some real bounce.

Finally I pin-rolled the sides and fringe to create that signature 50's retro look which worked incredibly well on my model's hair.

Following a few last minute tweaks my model was ready for her photo....I was really pleased with the results!

Kirby x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My first client!

Hi everyone, just wanted to update you all on my progress this week in salon.

On Saturday I had one of my first clients booked in which was both exciting and terrifying! This lady was going out for a very special occasion and wanted me to style her hair and make her look fabulous..which of course i did ;)

My client had long, straight hair which was naturally fine, so laid very flat and she wanted a style that was bouncy, big and glamorous that would last for the whole evening.

I cleansed the hair using Sebastian Volupt Shampoo & Conditioner and then added a heat protection spray followed by Volupt Styling Gel to give the hair body and finished with Shaper Fierce to provide a really strong hold.

I blow-dried the hair, trying to create as much volume as possible and then I used the tongs to curl around 3/4 of the head. I then backcombed the roots and dressed out the curls and created a smooth overlay - the result was great and my client was really happy with the look that I had achieved for her.

What made this really special for me was the fact that I carried out the entire appointment with very little assistance from more experienced members of staff, it was a true independent effort and really helped to boost my self-confidence.

Here is the final do you think I did?!


Mathew x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Meeting one of the greats.....Patrick Cameron!

Last week I had the chance to meet one of hairdressing's legends....Patrick Cameron!
Born in New Zealand, this young man first made a name for himself in his home town, then his home country, and then the world...

Renowned for his beautiful, soft and feminine hair ups, this man is a genius when it comes to dressing hair and for someone that does not ‘do’ weddings (or much hair up for that matter) it was inspiring and motivational. He executed two hair up demonstrations with ease, making something that technically can be quite difficult to achieve look so simple and the results were both effortless and chic.

I’m not one for being star struck, don’t get me wrong, everyone loves to meet celebrities and their idols, but these people do exactly the same as we do every day. They just do a lot of travelling with it. But there was something very humbling about his energy and passion for this industry and teaching especially. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of chatting with Patrick Cameron during the event and being able to pick the brains of someone so creative and inspiring was a true privilege.
Myself on the right with Patrick Cameron & Vinery Senior Stylist Laura Crossley on the left

The event was held at one of the conference suites at the new Kirklees College building at Chapel Hill, and the way that Patrick engaged with the audience of mainly young student hairdressers in the making was phenomenal and is something I certainly aspire to emulate in the future!


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Trend Vision Final 2013

So, the Trend Vision 2013 Final was held this year at Camden Round House in London with  a huge crowd of 800 hairdressing industry professionals attending.

BBC Radio's Jo Whiley presented the event whilst Heather Small (M-People) and Beardyman performed for the crowd.

The Sebastian Cult Team were invited to open the show with their selection 'Secret Sirkus'. The Secret Sirkus actually opened with its very own Ringmaster and Dancing Models styled by the Sebastian Cult Team which was incredible to witness!

Famed Session Stylists Dom Capel, Sean Dawson and the Sebastian Cult Team (including myself) all prepared a section for the show.  Dom Capel's section was inspired by the Carousel and Candy Floss circus influences

Dom Capel Model Interpretation

Sean Dawson prepared models inspired by circus freak shows:

Sean Dawson Model Interpretation

We were each given a brief to follow and a aconcept mood board from which to draw inspiration from. The section that the Cult Team prepared for was the 'Caged Animals and Wolves' part of the performance.

Cult Team Mood Board Brief

We had to work in pairs and create a wig - ironically none of us had any previous experience at wig-making so we ensured that we did plenty of research first, although there is no denying that it was a real challenge! However we all pulled it off and it was an amazing experience - and a truly fantastic show to be a part of!

My Wig is to the far left..
Check out my pictures from the Secret do you think we did?

Lisa :)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Emerging Trends Show 2013

Hi I'm Charlie Whale, Senior Stylist with The Vinery Hair Salon and I have been involved with the exciting and truly inspiring 'Emerging Trends London 2013' Show.

The show is Europe's most anticipated event that brings global attention to the European emerging fashion market.

Elena Jones Collection

The participating international designers created brief fashion shows in order to showcase their individual designs and artistic abilities to a variety of sponsors, buyers, press and media. The winner received an exclusive $10,000 marketing package which also included an opportunity to showcase their full collection line at either Canada Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week or San Diego Fashion Week as well as private mentoring by TFB Agency.

The event was hosted by Australian Pop Singer Mel Jade and participating Designers included: 
Nina Athanasiou (Germany)
Elena Jones (Canada)
Shefali Couture (UAE)
Hope Wade Designs (Jamaica/USA)
Hope Wade Collection
Rudy Wolff (Norway) opened the Mens Collection and closing the show was the Best of British designers Rene K (designs for Kate Middleton and Barack Obama's daughter) and Kelly Ewing (Stylist for ITV's X-Factor).

Nina Athanasiou won the event and has since seen her designs featured in Vogue Magazine, which is a true accolade and a fitting reflection of her talents.

I worked under Session Stylist Tracy Baker who headed up the Hair and Make-Up Team. We collaborated with the Designers and created looks for each model that complemented each individual collection.

I worked with some truly amazing and creative people, and being a part of this process was just incredible - to see the collections come to life with the addition of the Hair and Make-Up and then to witness the whole ensemble hitting the runway was breathtaking!
Shefali Couture Collection
I have made many connections that I hope to work work in the very future and look forward to collaborating with new contacts as well as the multi-talented Tracy Baker again.

At the end of the show the Hair and Make-Up Team were invited to walk down the runway - which was a fantastic experience and one that I will struggle to top this year!

Charlie :)

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Men's Hairstyles that Women Love!

Most guys won't admit it, but they actually obsess over their hair as much or even MORE than women!  While a full head of thick hair will always get a second look, don't worry if your hair lacks the panache of Justin Bieber.  There are a lot of styles that are hot and sexy that look great even if your hair has never been your greatest asset.  Ironically, the hairstyles that women usually find attractive on men are quite the opposite from the hairstyles that men like on themselves.  In no particular order, here is a sampling of men's hairstyles that women think are hot:

If you are blessed with a full head of wavy, run-your-fingers-through-me hair, make the most of your good fortune by taking care of what you've got.  Make sure to use high quality products to keep your hair clean and conditioned.  And talk to a stylist about  cuts that will take advantage of your length and texture.  Changing the side on which you part your hair, or using some gel or pomade for a slick backed look can give you different styling options for different events.   And don't forget, regular trims to keep your hair under control and looking great will maximize your double take potential.  You can never go wrong with the classic hair part and hair that’s swept off to the side with a bit of gel to keep it out of your face. It’s perfect for any occasion and looks classy. Think George Clooney and Chase Crawford.

A buzz cut can be super hot, especially if you have a well shaped head or distinctive facial features.  This one always takes some getting used to if you are used to having longer hair—but the more drastic the cut, the hotter it can be!  Be warned though - if you have round facial features or an odd shaped head this look won't work for you.  And a buzz cut doesn't mean you can make up for the lack of hair on your head by overcompensating with facial hair.  Buzz for a reason, and keep everything neat and tidy.  David Beckham has the look done perfectly.

If you feel more comfortable with longer hair, go for it, but remember, women like clean and sexy, not greasy and unkempt.  For a longer style that is acceptable in most professions, try leaving your hair a bit longer on the top and shorter on the sides. This will give you a few more styling options as well, since you can slick it back or comb the top layers forward for a look with more layers.  Long hair, jaw length and longer can work well too, but if you are going for the pony tail look, make sure that your hair is super clean and healthy.  Nothing is more of a turn off than a wimpy, greasy pony tail.  And if you are trying to pretend that you have luscious locks by wearing a pony tail but your scalp is showing because of thinning or receding hair, bag the length, get a good cut - maybe a buzz cut - and wear it proudly.  There's nothing wrong with thinning hair, but trying too hard to cover it up can make you look desperate, and women definitely don't go for that!

The Vinery Hair Salon would like to extend a big thank you to Barb Quinn for her interesting and insightful contribution to both our blog and our website this month!

Guest Author Barb Quinn has been a professional hair stylist for over 30 years and has established herself as a nationally recognised hair designer, educator and freelance writer. Barb has been chosen by her peers to serve on the advisory panel of Cosmos C International, the global hair stylist network.
Thousands of women each day follow Barb's hair styling wit and wisdom on her highly successful blogs Hairstyle Blog and Visual Makeover. In 2011 The Hairstyle Blog was selected as Top Beauty Blog by

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Clubstar Fellowship - Salon International 2013

So last weekend was Salon International 2013 in London and there was a huge build up to this high profile Hairdressing event...particularly as I was making my stage debut!

I am a member of the new British Hairdressing Clubstar Art Team and this meant taking to the stage with my model Sarah to showcase my talents alongside the rest of my team. 

We had a 20 minute slot at the Salon International Show with which to impress the huge audience and I admit to being extremely nervous as this was my first time actually presenting my work on stage.

On Stage with model Sarah

I sourced my inspiration for the look from Fashion Designer Chloe Holland, who also provided the amazing clothing for the Show. I worked with different textures, using Shellac Shine Finish at the top with Matte curls at the bottom, separated down the middle with an intricate scalp plait which gave the hair 'spine like' definition to the entire look!

The models (Sarah 3rd from Right)

Posing with the rest of the Clubstar Art Team and our models

Looking forward now to my next stage appearance now I have my first one under my belt and cannot wait to work with the rest of the Clubstar Art Team again!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Professional Beauty 2013 - HD Brows

Hello, I am Rachel Brooker, The Vinery's Beauty Therapist. I specialise in HD Brows and was delighted to be invited this year to work on the HD Brow Stand at Professional Beauty 2013 in Manchester.

This was my first 'trade show' and I had the privilege of working with other HD Brow Stylists from across the U.K, including Ireland & Scotland.

Everybody working the HD Brow Stand were lovely and welcoming, which certainly helped to put any nerves I had to rest. It almost felt like we were one big family, working exceptionally well together as a team - it was also a great opportunity to swap tips, advice and experiences with each other as each Brow is different!

The HD Brow Stand was very successful and by the end of the Professional Beauty Show we had almost sold out of all the retail products and ended up having to ensure that additional stocks were ordered for Monday morning after Sunday's phenomenal show!

Both days were so busy and the time really flew by - I guess it helped that we were all enjoying being a part of it so much!

We generally worked together in pairs and rotated between carrying out treatments and assisting the Stylist - explaining different stages of the treatment to the crowds of people watching each treatment taking place. Incredibly, about 100 treatments were carried out over the two days!

Two Celebrity MakeUp Artists were there (one on Sunday and one on Monday) doing makeovers on customers using the HD Brow makeup. An exciting new makeup range will be launching early next year so keep a watch out for it hitting the shelves!

I am hoping to work at the next HD Brow show at London Excel in February 2014 as I loved every minute of my experience at Professional Beauty and learnt so much from the other HD Brow trainers!! If you happen to be at the London Excel Show next year, pop by the HD Brow Stand for some expert advice or just to say hi! 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Salon International 2013

The Vinery Team are heading down to London this weekend (12.10.13) for Salon International 2013!

Salon International is an exciting three day event showcasing work from some of the most talented and creative hairstylists in the world and The Vinery are thrilled that two of our team members, Lisa Bates & Gemma Noon are a part of it!

Lisa Bates, a current member of the Sebastian Cult Team will be on stage on Sunday and Gemma Noon, with the rest of the British Clubstar Fellowship Art Team will be making her stage debut on Monday.

Currently trending on Twitter are links to some really inspiring shows and unique hair cuts that we will certainly be feeding back to the rest of the team on our return - check out the Salon International 2013 website to see some of the amazing things that are happening right now!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Assistant Mathew Flies Solo!

Hey everyone, my name is Mathew and I am Senior Assistant at The Vinery Hair Salon. I have been a team member at The Vinery for just over 12 months and I am close to finishing my first year at College.

I do a lot of in-salon training and today I did a Gents Cut + Finish thats very 'on-trend' and fashionable at the moment - short back and sides blended up to a quiff on top. I have been practising more and more with Gents Cuts recently and today I was so proud to have been able to carry out the majority of the Cut with only a small about of help from my In-Salon Mentor Gavin.

I have noticed a significant improvement in the length of time it takes me to do a Gents Cut+Finish, which I am really pleased about and its really boosting my confidence!

My model Harry told me that he was thrilled with his haircut which topped off a great training session today!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fashion Photoshoot collaboration...

Today it was the turn of Salon Owner Gavin Blagbrough to get behind the scenes on a Male Test Shoot with Manchester-based Photographer Ruth Ellen Brown and her model Ben (an aspiring young fashion model).

The shoot began with a very 'Topman' feel, some cool T's and skinny jeans with a dishevelled roughed up quiff.

The next section of the shoot saw this season's reappearance of the knitted jumper worn preppy over-the-shoulder, with a rockabilly style cur reminiscent of Johnny Depp in the iconic film Crybaby.

And finally the last change of the day was the perennial geek-chic bespectacled white shirt and smooth side-parting flaunt! This took many forms. With the addition of a tie, without a tie, smoked framed glasses, solid black frames, no frames at all, top button done up and finally top button undone!

All in all a very productive day for everybody involved and the start of a great photography/hairstylist combo?...

(Ruth Ellen Brown can be contacted via her website at:

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