Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My first client!

Hi everyone, just wanted to update you all on my progress this week in salon.

On Saturday I had one of my first clients booked in which was both exciting and terrifying! This lady was going out for a very special occasion and wanted me to style her hair and make her look fabulous..which of course i did ;)

My client had long, straight hair which was naturally fine, so laid very flat and she wanted a style that was bouncy, big and glamorous that would last for the whole evening.

I cleansed the hair using Sebastian Volupt Shampoo & Conditioner and then added a heat protection spray followed by Volupt Styling Gel to give the hair body and finished with Shaper Fierce to provide a really strong hold.

I blow-dried the hair, trying to create as much volume as possible and then I used the tongs to curl around 3/4 of the head. I then backcombed the roots and dressed out the curls and created a smooth overlay - the result was great and my client was really happy with the look that I had achieved for her.

What made this really special for me was the fact that I carried out the entire appointment with very little assistance from more experienced members of staff, it was a true independent effort and really helped to boost my self-confidence.

Here is the final do you think I did?!


Mathew x

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