Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Modelling for Sebastian!

I was really excited this week when Lisa asked me to model for her Education Day at the Wella Studios in Manchester. The day before the event she pre-prepped my hair in salon using the new Cellophane Range - half Clear & half Cinnamon Red which was mixed to enhance my natural auburn colour, which I was pleased about as I didn't want to change the colour too much.

When we arrived at the Wella Studio's, Lisa sprayed my hair with Sebastian Volupt Spray to dampen it down and then blow-dried the product into my hair which gave the hair 'grip'. Lisa put my hair up into a style from the new Sebastian Counter Balance Collection in front of the group and then Richard (Windle, Sebastian Head of Education) did a talk on the new Cellophane range whilst Lisa prepped my hair for the next demonstration. Lisa then performed another demonstration in front of the group and then I had to stand up whilst she talked through what she had done. I then sat back down whilst she did a new style using the tongs.

I was nervous and excited all day but it was a great experience. I learnt a lot even though I was modelling as I got to learn about different 'put-up' techniques and also about the new Cellophane range as we use these in salon all the time.

In the afternoon I volunteered to model for someone else so I had another cellophane put on my hair - the Cinnamon Red and Cranberry Red, and I then modelled another 'hair-up' for the MOB Team group session. I liked that I had another colour on my hair more excited as i was hoping it would be more vibrant and bright - and it was!

I enjoyed listening to the opinions of the group on the demonstrations that everyone did and hearing about how they actually did the hair-up's. Its really interesting for me as an Assistant learning the different types of processes that take place to create a look. I was able to watch the colours and see how they turned out, there was some really interesting ones and also different kinds of put ups and styles. I loved observing the colour process too as I have only just started doing colour training myself in the salon so I picked up plenty of useful tips!

I really enjoyed my day modelling at the Sebastian Studios in Manchester and would definitely do it again.

Love Hayley x

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