Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Natural Hair Week - Natural Hair Roadshow 2013

The Vinery Hair Salon have hit Leeds and London for the Natural Hair Roadshow in aid of raising the profile of Natural Hair Week this year.

The Natural Hair Roadshow took place in 6 cities in 6 days and drew audiences of up to 150 per roadshow showing how progressive and interested people are becoming in the Natural Hair movement.

Salon Owner Gavin Blagbrough gave a series of demonstrations about celebrating natural afro hair in all its glory,  without the need for relaxers, wigs, weaves or extensions. Gavin delved into the realms of natural afro hair, discussing the reasons behind why clients shy away from keeping their hair natural and the negative influences from celebrities who seem to promote extensions as a way of hiding their natural hair. He also explored the fact that the media culture project images of celebrities sporting relaxers and weaves which can have an adverse impact on self-esteem and on the ability a person may feel they have about looking after their own hair whilst retaining a sense of style.

Gavin explained that there are other options and that the natural way can be the best way of achieving a unique and workable look!

The Roadshow also gave clients the chance to ask questions and get some advice about how to look after their natural afro curls and maintain a great style without sacrificing their roots.

See what Gavin had to say to the crowds on the video below!

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