Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Man's Perspective..

This week we are talking Male Grooming..its the decade of the Metrosexual and boy is it becoming more and more important!
I have noticed over the past few months that men are placing huge importance on their grooming and it has come more and more into fashion, with gents generally taking better care of their appearance and placing huge importance on their personal look, style and products. As a Stylist I cannot help but notice how my clientele has consistently risen with males coming in who are placing a huge significance on their grooming maintenance and routine.
Younger men are booking in for their eyebrows, beards and even their ears trimming. In fact my male clientele have even started to bring in pictures and photographs with them to appointments to demonstrate the look their are either hoping to achieve to trying to maintain. More males are growing beards and it's no longer about sporting the ZZ-Top mammoth hair overgrowth,Image now beards are more tailored and fashionable and with celebrities like Calum Best, David Beckham and Johnny Depp leading the way with their carefully sculpted facial fuzz its no surprise that these trends have filtered down to the high street.

There are certain products now available for Beard aftercare such as creams, oils and moisturisers as well as specialist grooming tools including combs and bristle brushes aimed at keeping those rogue facial hairs in check. General haircare product sales have also seen a massive climb with gents buying more products to help them stay looking fresh and fashion-conscious. Image
Personally I try to take care of my hair as much as possible, but found that I was looking a tad thin on top over the past 18 months, something that every 20-something man dreads! So I went on to try Nioxin, a three-step hair loss prevention product system which I found helped immensely. Image Diet is also a big factor in the health of your hair, so like everyone else this New Year I have tried to cut down on a lot of things such as alcohol and junk food. Again I have seen a big difference in only 4 weeks, with my hair looking and feeling thicker and less fuzzy - and its not just me that has noticed - everyone is commenting on how healthy I look and how my hair looks great which is exactly the result i was hoping for! And i am not the only one who takes my looks seriously, its no longer about being seen as vain, its about building confidence and looking good. My friends take pride in their appearance too which just spurs others such as myself to do the same. Not only do I look after my hair but I try to look after my skin which is just important. I have started using Kiehls products on my face and can see the difference already so I would undoubtedly recommend these products to everyone!
For more information about male grooming products or to ask my advice on how to maintain the perfect hairstyle/beard just get in touch with me at The Vinery!
Love Jonathan x

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