Wednesday, 8 January 2014

David Bowie – Style Icon turns 67..

David Bowie – Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Producer and the chameleon of image changes turns 67 today (7 January) and it seems he won’t be claiming his bus pass just yet with the release of his latest album this year, The Next Day
Here at The Vinery we see David Bowie as something of a style icon, with a plethora of images and personas that have seen him storm through the decades at the forefront of both hair and fashion.
This Brixton boy was born in 1947 when Britain was on the road to recovery from the devastating impact of WW2. Bowie developed a unique sound, beginning with the folk scene that was popular in the 60′s, complete with long flowing hair and obligatory guitar…
images-10Bowie then pushed through the musical frontier, pioneering the Glam Rock sound and vision taking this to the hilt with the creation of his persona Ziggy Stardust – which soared DB to cult status:
Bowie’s musical and fashion direction took a new turn with his album Diamond Dogs and the song Rebel Rebel which saw him develop a more soulful and funky sound. In another twist Bowie developed another persona, the Thin White Duke.

We had the catchy Lets Dance in the 1980s and the classic (I think so anyway!) film Labyrinth – who can forget Bowie on that freaky upside down staircase?! Not forgetting his immense Mullet and those tight leather pants…
In the 1990′s Bowie married Somali-born supermodel Iman..and in the 2000′s entered the hall of fame with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.
With 9 UK Platinum albums, 11 UK Gold albums and 8 UK Silver albums tucked under his umbrella it seems that slowing down isn’t an option for this sexagenarian who is releasing yet another album this year. We are eagerly awaiting his next fashion transformation for this decade…lets hope its as iconic as his previous forays!
See some of our favourite looks below (and above!)…

Even the Sebastian Cult Team have taken inspiration with their latest ‘Bowie’ photoshoot which saw Vinery Senior Stylist Lisa Bates involved with creating the look which can be seen online at:
From the Wella Sebastian Cult Team 2013
From the Wella Sebastian Cult Team 2013
Tell us about your favourite Bowie look from over the decades and lets hear about how he has inspired you…
Here’s to David Bowie – Happy Birthday!

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