Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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This week's query is from Alice who is wondering why her naturally fine and curly hair is snapping. 
Q: Hi there, my hair keeps snapping and I don't know why! It started off being quite dry so I began using repair shampoo & conditioner but it just keeps snapping. My hair isn't coloured so I know it can't be that and I have no known medical conditions that are causing it (my thyroid is fine according to my Doctor) - please help!
A: Hey Alice thanks for getting in touch. I can understand that this must be causing you a great deal of concern so lets see how I can help.
Hair can snap for many reasons, one of the most common resulting from hair being being over-processed with colour products, however this does not appear to be the case in your situation. Repair shampoos and conditioners can end up being more of a hindrance than a help particularly if they are packed with protein. It could be that your hair requires moisture (hydration) rather than protein.
Without getting too technical, the hair follicle is made from keratin (protein) and once the hair shaft becomes damaged it is fair to assume that you need to repair it with protein-based products. However the hair can actually become too 'protein-based' causing it to have the opposite effect - the hair becomes brittle and starts to snap. It's about striving for the right balance of protein and moisture.
I would suggest switching to a moisture based shampoo and conditioner that is free from protein - one of the best is the SP Hydrate range which is perfect for helping to restore the health of the hair without depositing keratin. Failing that then I would suggest that you consult with your GP to rule out any kind of hormone imbalances or dietary deficiencies that could be contributing to hair weakness.
wella sp hydrate
Hope this helps - keep me updated on how you are getting on!
The Vinery x

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