Thursday, 25 September 2014

Keep your locks looking luscious this Winter with our top hair tips!

We all know our skin needs a little more care and attention in winter but what about our hair? When the cold and damp weather takes hold, lengths can be in need of some extra TLC. Protect and maintain winter tresses with these great tips and products from The Vinery's very own Creative Designer and Salon Owner Gavin Blagbrough!
Hair Mask
During the winter months, hair can become dry, damaged and dull. The best way to treat this problem is with a deep conditioning mask to give your hair a much-needed moisture boost. This will provide long-lasting nourishment and protection from the harsh weather and changes in temperature. We offer in-salon conditioning treatments but we can also recommend products that you can use at home. Here are just a few examples (we have many more available in salon including bespoke treatments individually tailored to your own unique hair issues).
Sebastian Hydre Treatment provides your hair with intensive, long-lasting moisture and leaves hair feeling silky smooth with the added bonus of a healthy shine (£6.95 for 20 minute in-salon treatment or take home for £18.50)
Wella SP Hydrating or Smoothen Mask will moisturise and de-frizz unmanageable hair caused by central heating or winter showers.
By using a weekly mask alongside moisturising shampoos and conditioners your hair can stay frizz free and nourished all day long!
Hair Repair
If your hair has been damaged by the elements and is in need of a quick fix then there are a number of products which immediately mend damaged, brittle hair and also offer protection from further damage.
Sebastian Penetraitt Repair Mask is a high protein treatment which strengthens and fortifies hair against damage and instantly cares for split ends. (£6.95 for 20 min in-salon treatment or take home for £18.50)
Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Treatment repairs damaged hair using a unique combination of conditioners that deliver an instant transformation to stressed out hair. (£5.95 for 20 min in-salon treatment or take home for £13.50)
The bug-bear of every woman is frizzy hair and at no point is it more of a nuisance that during the damp winter months! Hair becomes unmanageable and unsightly thanks to fluctuating temperatures and humidity caused by central heating so extra care is needed in order to tame those pesky locks!
A serum on the ends after blow drying and straightening can help ease frizz and leave hair soft and shiny but make the serum a good one as some cheap serum products can leave the hair greasy and just as unmanageable as before you used it!
We love Neal & Wolf Silk Blow Dry Balm - apply this to the hair before your blow dry and it will magically put an end to tangles and frizz, leaving hair sleek, smooth and straight! (£12.50)
Wella Mirror Polish won't break the bank and is a lovely serum that will tame your ends, leaving a high gloss shine to even the most unruly of hair. (£8.65)
Alterna Kendi Oil may be on the pricey side but its worth splurging that bit extra for a serum of this quality. It provides the 'ultimate frizz control' for all hair types and is free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, gluten and synthetic colour! (£20.50)
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