Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Autumn Festival Hair – Keep It Stylish!

So the Festival season is winding to a close..but it’s not over just yet. If you are one of the thousands of music-lovers heading to Reading or Leeds this weekend (like our Progessive Stylist Mathew is – throw Mat a Hi-Five if you see him!) then you need to make sure you are prepared. And by prepared I mean not just packing the Hunters and Pop-up Tent in your rucksack!
Festivals are a Big deal…a HUUUUGE deal…forget the music, it’s all about the fashion – who has the Coachella Celeb look down to pat, who is sporting the latest in chic welly wear, and who has the best festival hair!
Now we cannot help you with which fringed crochet vests to take, or whether vintage levi denim is still on trend (given the fact that the sun has hit the skids in August you may want to think about thermals instead)…but we can help you with your festival hair.
For guys it is pretty simple..take along some sculpting clay (we like Alterna Form) and just rub and go – to keep the style looking sharp a quick spritz of firm-hold hairspray will also carry you through until the morning – and maybe through to the next evening too! We recommend a blast of Sebastian Shaper Fierce, this will definitely do the trick!
For girls, we know you like to keep things fresh even when the showers are limited! A festival hair-must is dry shampoo and you need to make sure it is a good one – we love Alterna Cleanse-Extend which will keep your hair and scalp feeling clean for days. Now we have the base covered it’s time to think about style. Traditional braids are so last year – 2014 Festival hair is all about style. Grab that headband and put it over your hair, run some light hold product through the lengths and ends that are exposed (Try a pea sized amount of Alterna Freestyle gel) – then pull the hair underneath the headband up and tuck it in over the headband in ‘an up and over’ move – spritz on some light hairspray such as Neal & Wolf Fix and leave overnight – you should wake up in the morning with perfect festival waves!
( – thanks for the pic!)
Two minute tuck 123
 If waves are not your thing..or your hair is unruly/untameable you need to think about styling in a different way – forget the topknot and try a loose chignon to stand out from the crowd – easy to pull off with just a few well-placed hair grips and some hairspray – we love the looks sported by Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland – simple and chic!
Messy-Chignon-Prom-Hairstyle                  top100weddinghairstyles2014_007                
If you cannot bear to dump the braids then seek inspiration from Katy Perry with a thick dishevelled side plait..
And if all else fails..grab the nearest hat – they are always a festival winner!
Stay safe and enjoy!
The Vinery x

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