Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This Week's Hair Surgery is about how to style your Lob!

This week's question is from Nicole about styling her mid-length hair.
Q: Hi there, I have a long bob and am finding it hard to style - I want my hair to look good during the day and at night but at the moment it just seems to hang there and looks pretty boring. Can you give me some advice on how to make it look good?! Thanks, Nicole :D
A: Hello Nicole, thanks for getting in touch! You would be amazed at how versatile Lobs (Long Bobs) can be in terms of dressing and styling the hair.
One of my favourite looks is the tousled lob as seen on style icons such as Olivia Palermo and Keira Knightley, who seem to carry the look off effortlessly, and the good news is that you can too!
Keira Knightley (
Olivia Palermo (

Creating this breezy summer look is easy - first of all you need to apply a texturising product to hold the style from inception, we particularly like Sebastian Texture Maker as this can be sprayed into wet hair to maintain hold and style and also applied to the hair once it is dried to achieve that  'beach-ready' look.
You only need a few well-placed spritzes of Texture Maker on wet hair, finger comb the product through and then blast the hair off for a minute or two on a medium heat hairdryer to take out some of the moisture.
Then apply a 20p sized amount of Neal & Wolf Silk to damp hair - this will help to keep the hair smooth and frizz free as you continue to dry. (Don't forget your heat protection product too - try Sebastian Trilliant!) An important part of the drying process is not only the use of appropriate products and a medium-heat but also the correct brush - we recommend using a Paddle Brush (See the Big Brush Company for their fantastic range of professional brushes).

Using the Paddle Brush, dry the hair from root to tip, directing the heat downwards for that smooth look, then wrap the ends of the hair lightly around a medium tong or curling wand, creating slight movement on the bottom edge, you should see a wave or bend on the ends of the hair. Once this is done, depending on the finish you are hoping to achieve you can either spray some Sebastian Texture Maker (two or three pumps should do it) into your hands and then lightly scrunch the product through the waves, manipulating the hair into the style you want or, for a more  sophisticated finish use SP Luxe Oil (one or two pumps into the hands) and smooth this product through the lengths and ends for a glossy, defined wave.
Hope this helps!
The Vinery x

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