Saturday, 2 August 2014

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This week’s Hair Surgery Blog question is from Sam who has been getting frustrated about not achieving that ‘in-salon’ look when at home.
Q: I can never get my hair to look right when I do it myself at home but when I’m at the hairdressers it looks perfect – what am I doing wrong? Thanks, Sam.
A: Hi Sam, I can understand your frustration but its quite an easy problem to solve. Obviously I don’t know what your hair looks like in terms of style etc however I can advise that you do need to start from the very basics which means using a good quality, professional shampoo and conditioner. We use several brands at The Vinery including Sebastian, Alterna and Neal&Wolf which are tailored for all hair types and budgets.
You then need an appropriate styling product which you can apply whilst the hair is damp to hold the style whilst you are drying your hair which obviously is dependent on your hair type (curly/frizzy/straight/dry/flyaway/fine). Choose a product that will compliment your style and provide hold – ask your Stylist for advice if you are unsure.
It is vitally important to use a heat protection product on your hair before you begin to dry it so I would recommend something like Neal&Wolf Guard to spritz over the lengths and ends first.
So, we have the foundations laid – starting with a good shampoo and conditioner, building up to an appropriate styling product and heat protection. Before you then start to dry your hair it is advisable to invest in a good hair brush. Again depending on the style and your hair type you need to opt for an appropriate brush and some section clips! We love the Big Brush Company range which caters for every hair type/need.
I would also advise that you speak to your Stylist and perhaps book in for a blow-dry lesson – most good salons will be happy to show you how to dry and style your hair so that you can achieve the look at home and will provide product and brush advice.
If you need any further help or advice..or want to book in for a blow-dry lesson then please do not hesitate to get in touch!
The Vinery x

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